Headboard and Bed Base

Get your favorite Headboard design for bed 


Cool headboards can change the aesthetic of a space! They are available in various materials and sizes, and you may buy them or manufacture them yourself. Regardless of the situation, a perfect headboard design will elevate the creativity of the design to a new level.


The Double-Duty Wall Divider


A distinctive screen, custom-made, discovered at an antique market, or purchased from a well-known local target, is one of the simplest ways to change the bed’s look.


Sophisticated Velvet


This bedroom is anchored by an exquisite headboard upholstered in deep navy velvet. The bed headboards are drawn to by the matching fluorescent bulbs, whose rich blue color contrasts well with the pastel pink walls. Coastal art provides a light touch of playfulness.


Slatted Bohemian 


Against the grey tiles of this master bedroom, the light tone of this wooden canopy bed shines out. So buy bed base Dubai nowThe indigo-dyed pillows bring just the appropriate amount of color to the room without overpowering it.


Space-Saver divan


The wood accent wall acts as both a headboard as well as a focal point in the room. The built-in bookshelves and wall lights bring attention to the room’s center, enabling the border tiles to take center stage.


Repurposed hydraulic Window


This master suite was changed when Joanna Gaines used an ancient church glass as a headboard, shown on Fixer Upper. Then, to brighten up the area, she added wood elements and twin table lamps.




The pastel blues and traces of coral provide a calming environment, while the grey wood-plank single bed base in Al Quoz adds a delicate yet rustic appeal to this coastal-style bedroom.


Accents in gold


Once you have decor this striking, that should be the focal point of the space. The mattress is kept basic and beautiful in this room, matching the decor.


Scandinavian-Inspired Suite


Featuring built-in nightstands & connected lights, this bespoke headboard was taken to the next level.


The Teal Agreement


A vibrant green headboard & matching accessories provide color to this mainly greyish bedroom.


Canopy Bed with a Round Top


Canopy beds are almost like an extra-long headboard. The wireframe bed’s basic form allows its accent wall & black hexagon shelf to become the room’s focal points.


Room screen


You may easily utilize a beautiful wall panel or a bedroom screen as a headboard if you have one. The one in the photo has a modern feel to it. Paint the wall and behind black to provide more contrast and make the black hue stand out.




It’s time to reintroduce some zing to the bedroom! Get the best headboards for sale in Dubai at kingclassicdubai.com. Whatever your own taste, you’ll discover design ideas for your next bedroom remodel here.